Get Your Brakes Inspected. A life could depend upon it!

Many Santa Rosa residents must commute to jobs located in Marin County and beyond, which entails a good deal of freeway driving and daily exposure to potential road hazards - another good reason to make sure your automobiles' brakes are in tip-top shape!

A Brake Inspection is also something you should consider having completed at regular intervals. Why? Brake components (e.g. pads, rotors, drums, shoes and cylinders)are constantly subject to friction and heat. As they wear-out, the effective stopping distance of your vehicle will increase - meaning it will take longer to bring your automobile to a complete stop. This certainly does not present an ideal set of circumstances when it comes to freeway driving. Contaminants can also enter the system and cause damage to the very sensitive ABS Brake System components.

Tristar Automotive is also embraces the concept of keeping our environment clean and green by practising proper containment and disposal procedures of potentially hazardous material.

It's easy to see why Santa Rosa, CA residents entrust their automotive brake service & repair requirements to the ASE Certified professionals at Tristar Automotive.

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Automotive Brakes - Servo - Booster

Brake Service & Repair in Santa Rosa, CA.

The illustration to the right depicts the basic brake servo & booster. There are three variables which need to merge when you chose to slow-down or stop your automobile. They are friction, hydraulics and mechanical leverage. When you press on your car's brake pedal, it forces hydraulic fluid through the brake lines. However, the mechanical leverage created by applying pressure to the brake pedal with your foot, would not create enough force necessary to properly actuate a power disc brake system (common on most cars now). The brake servo-booster is the key to providing enough force to bring your automobile to a safe stop. The servo-booster is located in between your brake pedal and the master cylinder. The brake's servo utilizes vacuum supplied by the engine to multiply the forces applied by the brake pedal.

A basic functionality test, entails depressing the brake pedal several times while the engine is off in order to deplete any residual vacuum in the canister. While holding down the pedal, start the engine - you should feel the pedal drop slightly. If do not experience this result or if increased foot force needs to be applied to the pedal to slow the automobile, the brake booster could be failing. However, there are a multitude of other reasons (e.g. worn brake pads your vehicle does not stop as well as it once did. It's best to leave the complicated diagnostic work to the pros at Tristar.

Having conducted business for more than 20 years in Sonoma County has allowed us to develop many close ties with our local community and remain sensitive to local issues and concerns - especially where our environment is concerned. Our automotive brake repair customers will be pleased to know their brake service or repair will not result in damage to our delicate environment. Tristar Automotive complies with all E.P.A. and regulatory standards - ensuring proper containment, recycling or disposal of hazardous waste fluids (e.g. brake fluid, engine oil, AC refrigerants, batteries, power steering fluid, etc.) and implements environmentally-friendly products during the course service & repair whenever feasible.

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