Air Conditioning Blower Motor Service & Repair

While the AC Blower Motor may appear to be a simple device, if it ceases to function, it will render your car's AC System inoperable. While it may be obvious when the Blower Motor quits working, other AC System component failures are not quite so obvious to the untrained eye. Refrigerant can be leaking out of the closed system and reducing its ability to produce the desired level of cool air. Contaminants may have entered the system during an improperly performed service causing causing clogging or accelerated attrition to components such as the AC Compressor, AC Expansion Valve or the AC Receiver-Drier. The delicate coils on the AC Condenser or AC Evaporator may have unknowingly become damaged, again, leading to reduced system efficiency.

If you suspect your car's AC System is not performing as well as it should or if it has not been serviced recently - it is time seek Air Conditioning Service from the qualified and experienced ASE Certified mechanics at Tristar Automotive and Contact Us today!

Automotive air conditioning blower motors can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
AC Blower Motor

How the blower motor works

The AC Blower Motor works in conjunction with the AC Evaporator to remove heat and cool your vehicle's interior. The AC blower motor is usually located underneath the dash and connected to ducting where it pulls-in the warm air from the vehicles interior and pushes it across the cool coils and fins of the AC Evaporator. As the warm air is drawn across the evaporator coils, heat is collected by the refrigerant inside the coils and at the same time, the air is cooled by the coils before it re-enters the car's interior.

As is the case with all other AC Components, the Blower Motor must be in operable condition for the AC System to function properly.

Regardless of where you reside in the North Bay area, ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system operates properly when you need it most by having air conditioning service performed by friendly ASE Certified technicians at Tristar Automotive.

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

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