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There are many different types of automotive transmissions in service. Some are the manual shift variety a.k.a. "manual transmission" and others shift automatically a.k.a. "automatic transmissions." Some transmissions (manual or automatic) are integrated with the vehicle's differential and are known as "transaxles" and are used typically in front-wheel-drive vehicles. Regardless of the shifting method, the transmissions purpose is to transer power or torque produced by the engine, through the Drive-Shaft to the wheels of your automobile and propel the vehicle forward. The task is accomplished by leveraging available power through multiple stages of gears and/or clutches.

While the process may sound simple enough, your car's transmission is a very complex component, consisting of hundreds of parts. There are a myriad of gear clusters, bearings, races, input and output shafts, retaining clips, seals, gaskets, springs, and clutch packs in automatic transmissions. Since transmissions constantly operate under a load and have many points of internal friction, it is very important to ensure the parts are well-lubricated and kept clean with regular oil and filter changes.

Repairing or overhauling an automobile's transmission requires specialized tools and knowledge. Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA has ASE Certified technicians armed with the latest tools and technology to service or repair your car's automatic or manual transmission and get you back on the road in a timely and efficient manner.

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