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From the moment we opened our doors in 1991, we followed one simple rule: Put your best foot forward! And, while it may be true that you can't please everyone all the time; we strive to provide a prompt, professional, and courteous experience to 100% of our customers - 100% of the time! The results speak for themselves...

Honest and professional service! Been going to them for over 10 years and they have serviced a number of my vehicles from classic cars to my everyday cars. Highly recommend and about to schedule another appointment for my daughter's car.
Rob DeVenuto
They are the best! Everything from vintage cars to current models. Fair prices.
Steve House
I've been coming here for more than 15 years, best mechanics in the Northbay! Jim is the best!!!
Joeseph Lang
Best auto service in Santa Rosa
Mark Hilla
Very trustworthy place to get car repairs.
Nick Rodda
I discovered Tristar when they opened their doors 23 years ago and have been a very satisfied customer ever since. They are the best shop in Sonoma County!
Sarah Hafner
Jim, Rick and their crew are dedicated to providing quality, thorough service to their customers. Jim has served us for over 20 years under many circumstances and we have always been very satisfied with the outcome. I know he honestly cares for our safety and is responsive to any concern. I am very grateful for his care and service.
Janell Estournes
Years of great service
Wayne Searcy
I couldn't be happier with a mechanic. Tristar services all my vehicles from a 2005 Honda Pilot to my 1954 Chevy pickup. I can trust that the work will be done right every time and that they will do only what is needed, no up-selling of unnecessary services...
Jeff Reynolds
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It's easy to see why Tristar Automotive is Sonoma County's choice for auto repair!

Another well deserved 5 star rating. Appointment to service your vehicle absolutely necessary. The shop is usually booked for a full week out.Prices are very reasonable. My previous B1 service for my Honda at the dealership cost $187. Same exact service here at Tri Star was $80.45. Nice, friendly and knowledgeable service manager gave me helpful information. I waited for my car to be serviced in the customer room. Lots of magazines on the table to browse. Total wait time was 80 minutes. That beat my previous too long visit at Honda by a full hour. Tri Star will service any make or model. Highly recommended!
Tom S.
Jim and Rick are very good at what they do. They were recommended to me by a good friend and client of mine who likes things done right the first time. I have a few classic custom cars and some pretty high end new performance cars. I would trust them with any of them. They did an awesome job assisting me with tightening up all of my loose ends on my 69 Pro Touring Camaro. All done now! Time to start another. See you guys soon and thanks very much.
Dominic M.
We have known Jim at Tri Star for many years and once again his mechanics have shown how expert they really are at diagnostics. My Lincoln Navigator needed a freon recharge and since our local service station said they would be able to do the job took it to them twice. Once to get it filled and then again refilled but they were unable to detect the leak. Jim's experts after a great deal of checking found a tiny small leak in the Lincoln only supply hose. It was so small as almost undetectable. We now have wonderfully cool air on those 100 degree days. Thanks Jim
Chris B.
What is there to say. I had trouble with my AC system. Everyone seems to love them so I had to wait to get in (about a week), but it was totally worth it. Friendly, easy to talk to, patient and willing to explain. They found the problem, fixed it, tested the results and charged a fair rate. I would not hesitate to recommend Tri Star to anyone.
Jason K.
I was referred to Tri-star auto by a friend who owns their own shop, but only service Japanese cars. I've been taking my Ford and my boyfriend's truck to Tri-star for the last few years now and they have always been easy to work with.
Erin T.
Jim, Rick and Ron have taken care of us for 20+ years. I would not take my cars anywhere else. Honest and highly skilled they always deliver more than expected. They care about complete satisfaction on every visit.
Craig H.
We have been taking our automobiles to Jim and his talented group of mechanics for years. They have always kept us updated on the status of repairs, while providing options that are always in our best interest. I trust them with all my auto repairs.
Vanessa E.
The guys at TriStar are AWESOME!!! I had some annoying issues regarding failed smog tests and trying to get a smog exemption from CA for repair parts that are no longer manufactured. Jim and his team, while making no profit at all for the excessive time spent in helping me, solved the problem! As a result, the State has given me an exemption so that I can register my car! They are my HEROES!!!
Laura T.
Great service! Up front and honest. Conveniently located near the Corby Avenue auto dealerships. Also know a few auto dealership employees that take their personal vehicles there for service. Can't beat that for a recommendation.
Stephen R.
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