Sonoma County backroads are tough on suspension.

Lets face it, many of the rural roads in Sonoma County are filled with potholes. Daily driving or commuting over roads ridden with holes can certainly impact the longevity of your car's suspension components, as well as create steering alignment issues. Suspension components are closely integrated, and function with, the steering components on your vehicle in order to soften the riden and keep your car headed in the right direction! When suspension components become excessively worn or fail, drivability issues can result - creating unsafe driving conditions.

To name just a few automobile suspension and steering components:

  • Struts & Shock Absorbers
  • Leaf & Coil Springs
  • Tie Rods & Ball Joints
  • Control Arms & Bushings

If you are experiencing any of the following drivability symptoms with your vehicle:

  • Erratic steering or pulling to one side or the other.
  • A shaky or jittery steering wheel.
  • Uneven tire wear patterns - especially on the front.
  • Clunking, squeeking or rattle sounds from below.
Then you should make your way over to Tristar Automotive, where we have the proper tools, equipment and ASE Certified technicians on our team, to easily service or repair your automotive suspension and steering issues.

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