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Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA is a full-service smog check station.

Smog checks are generally required for vehicle registration or when transferring ownership of a vehicle. Here in Santa Rosa, CA a smog check is required on most vehicles every two years, a.k.a. biennial inspection. Registered vehicle owners in Sonoma County will receive an annual Registration Renewal notice from the DMV. Near the top, you may see "SMOG Certificate Required" - indicating a smog check will need to be performed before you can obtain a current vehicle registration.

As part of an ongoing effort to comply with state laws, California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) in cooperation with the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) directs certain vehicles registered in Enhanced Smog Check Areas to Test-Only smog check stations in Santa Rosa and Certified STAR Smog Check centers. If your vehicle has been "Directed" as result of a random selection process or because it matches High Emmissions Profile (HEP) criteria, "Test-Only" or "STAR Station" will be indicated on your vehicle's registration renewal notice.

A Full Service Smog Check Center

With so many choices available in Sonoma County where you can obtain a smog inspection, why should you bring your car to Tristar Automotive for a smog inspection?

While we don't claim to be the cheapest smog check station in Santa Rosa - only the best! We all know the old adage, "You get what you pay for." And, it definitely applies to smog inspection stations in Sonoma County! Don't be fooled by claims like "cheapest," "fastest," or "all we do is smog tests." These smog check stations may very likely have to refer you out to another automotive repair shop in the event your vehicle requires some form of repair in order to meet smog check standards. What does this mean? It means you have wasted time and time is money! Not the case at Tristar Automotive!

  • We meet rigid STAR Certified smog station standards.
  • We can perform Test-Only smog checks.
  • We are a full-service automotive repair shop in Santa Rosa.
  • Trustworthy. We are AAA approved.
  • Integrity. Substantiated by our BBB status.
  • Knowledge. Our technicians are ASE Certified.
  • Established. Providing auto repair service in Sonoma County for 23+ years!

What to expect during a smog check procedure

During a smog check at our Santa Rosa STAR Certified center, a certified technician will attach diagnostic equipment to your vehicle to measure emmisions output. This data is transmitted to the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). The results of the smog check are referred to as Vehicle Inspection Report or VIR. If your vehicle passes the smog test, the BAR will transmit the Certificate directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

A smog check at Tristar Automotive, means you won't have to worry about being referred out for repairs - we are a Certified STAR Smog Check station! This means we have worked diligently to maintain an impeccable record with the State of California and have met rigid requirements, which allows us to perform any necessary repairs to your vehicle in our full-service automotive repair shop.

When you arrive at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa for your smog inspection, you won't be treated like a widget in a production line. Instead, you will be greeted by friendly professionals that genuinely care about your automotive needs. An ASE Certified technician will assess your smog check requirements, perform your smog check and have you out the door in a timely manner!

If your vehicle is not capable of meeting smog test standards, the technician will be able to determine which component(s) are in need of repair or replacement. If you meet certain income eligibility requirements, you may choose to utilize the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) and receive up to $500 toward the cost of emission-related repairs. For additional details, please see our Smog Inspection FAQ page.

Smog checks are not required under certain circumstances (e.g. depending upon the age of your vehcile, type and physical location, etc.). Is your vehicle smog exempt? Refer to the Vehicle Exemptions pdf chart at the BAR webiste.

Certain residents of Sebastopol, CA may be exempt from smog requirements. Please refer to Sebastopol Smog Checks.

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