Keep your engine running cool for best performance.

The radiator's primary job is to keep your vehicle's engine running cool. An automotive engine that runs within the manufacturer's specified operating temperature range, will deliver better performance and experience a longer life-span. The radiator contains a combination of water and specialized coolant (generally an anti-freeze to prevent freezing during the cold winter months). The coolant is continually circulated by the water pump throughout passages inside the engine's block and heads while the enigne is running, in order to maintain the correct operating temperature range.

An ancillary duty of the radiator and water pump, is to circulate the same coolant mixture through the vehicle's heater core which, in turn, radiates heat throughout the vehicle's interior via a series of ducts in order to maintain a warm and comfortable environment for the driver during cold weather.

To increase the longevity of your vehicle's engine, you should have a cooling system flush on a routine basis in order to purge natural build-ups of contaminants such as rust or other mineral deposits which can accumulate inside the closed-loop system. If these contaminants are allowed to manifest over long periods of time, the efficiency of the water pump and radiator's ability to circulate coolant is greatly reduced - resulting in hotter internal engine temperatures and increased attrition or failure rate. Make sure your vehicle's engine experiences a long and happy life, by scheduling a radiator flush with the friendly and knowledgeable pros at Tristar Automotive.

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