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Changing your vehicle's oil & filter on a regular basis is now more important than ever. Automobile manufacturer's are building engines with tighter tolerances and greater precision for improved performance. As a result, crankshaft bearings, rod bearings, camshaft journals, etc. need constant lubrication in order to keep your car's engine running smoothly and to avoid premature failure due to excessive friction. To your car, oil is like water to the human body - it keeps parts lubricated and running smoothly - it is not an option.

Change your own oil and filter?

Lets think for a second, how much time & money you will likely expend to acquire all of the necessary tools, mandadtory safety equipment and supplies necessary to change your car's oil & filter; not to mention the actual amount of time it will take to set up and perform the oil & filter change on your vehicle from start to finish - probably an hour if all goes well (i.e., no stripped oil drain plug, stuck oil filter, spilled oil, etc.). Let's not forget about proper containment and disposal of the old engine oil & filter. It is illegal to toss these items into your garbage. Please be freindly to our environment by taking old engine oil & filters to your local oil reclamation facility.

While you could endeavor to change the oil & filter on your car at home, more often than not, you will find yourself running head-first into the old adage "Time is Money!" Most people have neither the time nor the necessary tools & equipment to perform an oil & filter change on their car. How many tools could you possibly need just to change your car's oil? More than might immediately come to mind!

  • Floor Jack to raise vehicle
  • Safety Stands to support vehicle
  • Box End Wrench to remove drain plug
  • Oil Filter wrench to remove oil filter
  • Oil Containment pan to catch old oil
  • Plenty of rags for clean-up purposes
  • New oil filter
  • New engine oil

As you are likely thinking by now, unless you plan on changing the oil & filter on all of your vehicles (and maybe the neighbor's as well...) on a regular basis and are willing to invest the time and money, then this pesky little task is probably best left to the professionals!

Let Tristar Automotive perform your next oil & filter change. Our fast and friendly technicians will change your car's oil & filter and properly dispose of the old material. You will be on your way in no time - while having the peace of mind knowing the the job was done right!

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