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North Bay businesses rely upon Tristar Automotive.

Car and truck fleet service at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA.

Santa Rosa Contractors & Service Providors rely upon Tristar Automotive for Fleet Maintenance & Service to ensure their company cars and trucks remain on the road and earning profit! Fleet vehicles are generally subject to more demanding conditions than the average car or truck - incurring much more wear & tear. In orde to remain in reliable & safe operationg condition, routine maintenance of your fleet vehicles is not optional - it is a must.

Reliable & Professional Fleet Service

Our highly-trained automotive technicians will perform fleet maintenacnce tasks such as Tire Rotations, Brake Inspections & Service, AC Service, Gold Shield Smog Checks, Santa Rosa Smog Checks and many other routine services. Tire air pressure, fluid levels and a visual inspection for leaks will be conducted during the process. Tristar Automotive will happily customize a fleet service program to meet your exact usage and scheduling requirements.

Keeping North Bay service businesses in motion!

Tristar Automotive proudly provides car and truck fleet maintenance services to the following Sonoma County businesses:

Truck fleet service at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA.

Let Tristar Automotive handle the heavy lifting requirements of maintaining your car or truck fleet. You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing the the job was done right, and your packages or services are arriving in a timely fashion.

Tristar Automotive Repair & Service
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Tristar Automotive Service & Repair

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Tristar Automotive provides professional automotive service and repair to Santa Rosa, CA and beyond.