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Modern vehicles are equipped with dozens of sensors that communicate directly with and onboard computer system. The sensors monitor vital functions related to not only the vehicle's engine, but to the transmission, cooling system, differential and more! The onboard diagnostics system (OBD II) will detect potential issues with the vehicle's engine and related component failures as they arise, and alert the driver by triggering a warning light on the dashboard. When this occurs, it is time to let ASE Certified technicians at Tristar Automotive isolate and resolve the issue.

Tristar Automotive has the proper diagnostic equipment required to quickly isolate trouble codes prompted by the myriad of sensors contained throughout your automotive electrical system. While many of the readily available hand-held scan tools are quite adept at deciphering basic trouble codes, OBII systems have several layers of data, some of which are only available to highly-trained technicians. Most scan tools found in local auto parts stores do not have access to these data layers. Don't waste time and money chasing trouble codes - let Tristar Automotive diagnose engine and component failures correctly the first time!

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