Charging systems to complex Onboard Computer Systems

Beginning with the battery, electrical current is delivered throughout your vehicle via a complex series of wiring to various components, many of which are related to the safe operation of your vehicle, such as headlamps, brake lights, anti-lock braking system, turn signals - even the air bag system - rely upon an electrical system that functions properly and with consistency. For example, if the alternator fails, electrical power will not be delivered to the battery, which serves at the storage tank for electrical energy. And, the battery needs to be maintained in order that it stores the electrical energy for future use.

Dozens of components are integrated with your vehicle's electrical system.

  • Engine Control Module
  • Cruise Control System
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Emissions Control System
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Anti-Collision System
  • Head Lamps & Tail Lamps
  • Power Seats
  • Audio System
  • Navigation System
  • Suspension & Traction Control
  • And, many more!

It's obvious the modern-day automobile relys heavily upon electronics to operate. If you suspect a mal-function with your car's electrical system or electrical component, let the highly-trained ASE Certified technicians at Tristar Automotive can perform electrical diagnostics procedures on your vehicle to isolate and resolve the issue.

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