High Torque engines are tough on Drive Shafts

Your vehicle's driveline consists of a drive-shaft - the link between the transmission and the differential (another geared assembly), that transfers the direction of rotational torque onto a 90 degree angle and delivers the force via the rear axles to your vehicle's wheels in order to propel your vehicle forward.

Typical driveline components associated with either a rear wheel drive vehicle or a front wheel drive vehicle:

  • Rear Axles
  • Differential
  • U-Joint
  • Drive Shaft a.k.a. Drive Line
  • CV Joint
  • CV Boot
  • Axle Half-Shaft

Servicing or repairing driveline, drive-shaft or differential components is beyond the abilities of the average automobile owner - requiring specialized tools and knowledge. Let the pros at Tristar Automotive service or repair your car or truck's drive-line components, and rest assured the job has been performed correctly.

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