Get Your Brakes Inspected. A life could depend upon it!

Brake Service & Repair in Santa Rosa, CA is readily available at Tristar Automotive. An automobile's braking system requires routine maintenance and should not be neglected - a life could depend upon it - literally.

Forces applied by the disc brake pads against the rotors generate a great deal of heat while, bringing your vehicle to a safe stop. Friction and heat wear out parts, which can lead to increased stopping distances. If you reside in Santa Rosa, then you know you need to be on your toes (or brakes) amidst the increased traffic levels within its cramped city streets.

Don't wait until it's too late, entrust your automotive brake service & repair to the ASE Certifed professionals at Tristar Automotive. They can readily accomplish minor tasks such as a routine Brake Inspection and Brake System Flush or diagnosing issues with a complex ABS Brake System.

Tristar Automotive is also embraces the concept of keeping our environment clean and green. We practice proper containment and disposal of potentially hazardous materials when performing brake service and repair tasks. In addition, we attempt to utilize environmentally safe products into service and repair procedures whenver possible to do so.

Santa Rosa, CA chooses Tristar Automotive for complete & trusted car service and repair!

Automotive disc brake service and repair for Santa Rosa at Tristar Automotive.

Single Piston Caliper & Rotor Setup

Example of single piston disc brake setup.

The illustration to the right depicts the basic single-piston fixed caliper as related to a disc brake system. Many calipers have dual pistons for greater stopping power and may also slide or float upon fixed pins.

You will notice a backing plate behind the rotor or disc. The backplate generally attaches to a flange fixed near the end of the axle housing. Its purpose is to deter excessive dirt or debri from making direct contact with the brake rotor, and to deflect friction heat generated from contact between the brake pads and rotor, away from susceptible components such as rubber brake lines.

This particular disc brake setup, depicts the wheel flange being mounted atop the rotor (an older style), many rotors slip over the wheel studs and are held in place by lug nut torque.

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