Tristar Automotive is a Brake & Lamp Inspection Station

Tristar Automotive is an official state licensed Brake & Lamp inspection station in Santa Rosa. Brake and light inspection certificates are required by the DMV when re-registering most vehicles in California. Certificates are not required for trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or less. Tristar will inspect your vehicle's brake system or lamp system to make sure they are in proper working order and in compliance with specifications as setforth by the state of California. Our ASE Certified technicians will also make adjustments if necessary, prior to issuing the brake or lamp certificate requested by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Why does my car need a brake or lamp inspection?

A Citation Was Issued

When a California State Highway Patrol officer has discovered a defect on your vehicle which could cause a personal safety issue or create a hazardous situation for other motorists and issued a citation to have the problem remedied. A Brake & Lamp inspection needs to be performed at a State Licensed inspection station, where a trained technician examins all related components of the vehicle's brake system and lamp system in order to identify and correct the failed components. Upon adjustment or replacement of the vehicle's faulty brake or lamp component, the Inspection Station will issue the owner a certificate of compliance. The Brake & Lamp certificate will then need to be presented to the California Highway Patrol office or the Department of Motor Vehicles as proof of correction and to clear the citation.

Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA is licensed brake and lamp inspection station.

Brake and Lamp inspections at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA.

Retitling a Salvage or Junk Vehicle

In California, when a vehicle has been declared a Total Loss by an insurance company (due to fire, flood or collision), the title is surrendered to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV then issues either a Salvage or Junk certificate for the vehicle. The Salvage vehicles are generally sold at dealer auctions to either dismantlers or rebuilders of such vehicles.

Purchasing a Used Vehicle

While this scenario does not require the issuance of a Certificate by a State Licensed Brake & Lamp inspection facility; when purchasing a used car, many individuals prefer the peace of mind in knowing that the car they are considering buying is in proper mechical operating condition. Tristar Automotive can not only provide a Brake & Lamp Inspection, but can also perform a multi-point mechanical inspection to determine the working order of engine, drivetrain, tires, brakes, lamps, cooling system, steering, suspension and more! The pre-purchase inspection will provide you with a full disclosure of the vehilces mechanical condition and better prepare you to negotiate a fair price with the seller.

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