Routine Service Keeps Your Automobile Running Strong

Winter, Summer or somewhere in between... there is no time like the present to bring your vehicle into Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa for routine automotive service. You have likely invested a substantial amount of money into the purchase of your automobile - protect your investment and avoid costly automotive repair bills by establishing a automobile maintenance schedule now! The ASE Certified professionals at Tristar always welcome you and your specific questions regarding how to properly maintain your vehicle.

Why is routine automotive service important and what does a routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle entail? Neglecting to establish a routine service & maintenance schedule for your vehicle will accelerate wear-and-tear on components and reduce the vehicle's useful lifespan. Additionally, worn-out components like tires, brakes or engine belts can lead to loss of vehicle control and endagner your safety. Proper maintenance is a must!

Santa Rosa automotive service and maintenance at Tristar Automotive.

Important Car Service Factors Inspected by Trisar Automotive in Santa Rosa

Inspect Oil Level

Maintaining the proper oil level in your vehicle is important! If your car's oil level dips below minimum requirements - rapid attrition or complete failure can occur! It is a good practice to establish a routine oil change schedule for your vehicle. During the service appointment, your automobile's oil and filter will be changed, ensuring a continuous supply of lubricant to the engine - increasing efficiency & useful lifespan.

Inspect Hoses & Belts

Maintain automotive belts and hoses at Tristar Automotive. If a single belt or hose fails, your vehicle could be rendered inoperable, leaving you stranded. For example, if a radiator hose cracks, coolant will be lost and the engine temperature could rise very rapidly. Or, if a serpentine belt fails, the vehicles water pump, power-steering pump and other components could stop functioning immediately. In either case, you may be forced to pull to the side of the road to avoid serious engine damage or an accident.

Inspect Coolant Level

Have engine coolant checked at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa. Maintaining the proper amount of coolant in your car is another important aspect of routine vehicle maintenance. Your vehicle's engine needs operate at a consistent temperature level. If the coolant system is not operating correctly - internal combustion temperatures can soar - resulting in attrition or failure. Additionally, the correct ratio of coolant additive in the system, will ensure your vehicle's engine does not freeze in the winter (which could result in a cracked engine block) or boil-over during the summer.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers availabe at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa. Windshield wipers will lose their effectiveness over time, causing reduced visibility when you need it most, like at night during a winter storm! Tristar's professional mechanics will ensure your vision remains unobstructed by having your car's windshield wipers inspected during a routine automotive service.

Inspect Brake System

Automotive brake inspections at Tristar Automotive. You would think that maintaining your automobile's braking system would be obvious... but given the hectic lifestyles maintained by most people nowadays, brakes are often forgotten - until it's too late. An automotive braking system that has begun to malfunction, can result in your vehicle pulling sharply to one side when the brakes are applied, slow stopping or skidding (not a sign of a healthy braking system - contrary to popular belief). Maintaining your automobile's braking system is critical and beyond approach for most people, due to the fact that extensive knowledge and specialized equipment are required to perform brake service. Let the ASE Certified mechanics at Tristar Automotive handle your brake maintenance with ease and be confident your car will stop the next time you find yourself in a panic-stop situation.

Inspect Tires

Maintain proper tire pressure to avoid wear. Unequal air pressure in your tires can result in decreased fuel economy, and with gas prices nowadays, who needs that? Additionally, inconsistent and premature tire-wear patterns. Low air pressure in a front tire can cause erratic handling characteristics. Excessively worn tires are not safe - especially during wet weather conditions - where stopping distance may be increased or loss of vehicle control via braking or steering could occur as a result of traction loss. Be sure to have Tristar Automotive inspect your car's tires before the rainy season!

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