Make sure your car's braking system operates properly!

The purpose of the braking is system on your automobile is quite obvious, and that is, to slow the forward momentum of the vehicle or bring the vehicle to a complete stop. What may not be quite so ovbvious and is quite ofen overlooked until too late, is the need for automotive brake service in order to accomplish minor tasks such as a routine Brake Inspection and Brake System Flush or diagnosing issues with a complex ABS Brake System. Fortunately, Santa Rosa brake service & repair requiremenents are handled by the ASE Certifed technicians at Tristar Automotive.

Neglecting your car's braking system can lead to poor performance or worse yet, complete failure, creating potentially hazardous and life-threatening situations. If you are experiencing a "soft" or "spongy" feel when pressure is applied to the brake pedal, sharp pulling to one side when brakes are applied or a "pulsating" sensation Contact Us immediately! These are all precursors to brake system malfunction or failure and brake service - repair may be required.

Whether your car is fitted with a drum brake system or a disc brake system, the automotive technicians at Tristar Automotive are equipped with the latest brake system diagnostic equipment and maintain current ASE Certifications, so you can rest assured your brake service or repair work in Santa Rosa will be handled with knowledgable professionalism - a tradition at Tristar Automotive!

Automotive brake service and repair at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA.

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