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Many Santa Rosa residents utilize the freeway, while commuting to jobs located far beyond Sonoma County! Daily freeway travel means your brakes need to be in top working order. Do you know if your automobile brake system is functioning as it should? Brake Service & Repair for Santa Rosa area residents is readily available a very short distance away at Tristar Automotive. Let the friendly ASE Certified professionals at Tristar Automotive perform a Brake Inspection on your vehicle to ensure it is operating as intended and that your vehicle will stop in an efficient and safe manner in a panic-stop situation.

A Brake System Flush is also something you should consider having completed at regular intervals. Why? Brake fluid can attract moisture and break-down over time. Contaminants can also enter the system and cause damage to the very sensitive ABS Brake System components. Don't wait until it's too late, entrust your automotive brake service & repair to the ASE Certified professionals at Tristar Automotive.

Tristar Automotive is also embraces the concept of keeping our environment clean and green. We practice proper containment and disposal of potentially hazardous materials when performing brake service and repair tasks. In addition, we attempt to utilize environmentally safe products into service and repair procedures whenver possible to do so.

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Automotive drum brake service and repair for Sebastopol at Tristar Automotive.

Automotive Brakes - Master Cylinder

Brake Service & Repair in Santa Rosa, CA.

The master cylinder above is shown with a basic single bowl fluid reservoir. Most modern automotive brake systems utilize a dual bowl fluid reservoir in order to avert catastrophic brake failure in the event a malfunction should arise in a single bowl design. The secondary reservoir provides a critical back-up supply of hydraulic fluid to the brake system.

The driver depresses the brake pedal, which actuates a spring-loaded piston. The piston forces hydraulic brake fluid through a series of brake lines to one or more slave cylinders. A slave cylinder is located at each wheel, either mounted to the back-plate on a drum brake system or incorporated into the brake caliper on a disc brake system. The slave cylinder is simply another piston which applies force to the brake shoes or the brake pads, creating friction between the rotating drum or disc and slowing wheel rotation.

Having conducted business for more than 20 years in Sonoma County has allowed us to develop many close ties with our local community and remain sensitive to local issues and concerns - especially where our environment is concerned. Our Santa Rosa brake repair & service customers will be pleased to know their brake service or repair will not result in damage to our delicate environment. Tristar Automotive complies with all E.P.A. and regulatory standards - ensuring proper containment, recycling or disposal of hazardous waste fluids (e.g. brake fluid, engine oil, AC refrigerants, batteries, power steering fluid, etc.) and implements environmentally-friendly products during the course service & repair whenever feasible.

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