Ensuring Your Air Conditioning System Operates Properly

The temperature can climb very high around the Santa Rosa, CA area during the warm summer months, and during these times, it becomes more important than ever to ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system is performing at optimum levels in order to keep your family and pets cool while traveling.

Often times, your car's air conditioning system will begin working at inefficient levels, resulting in rapid component attrition rates and not producing the cool air you desire. How do you know if your vehicle could be in need of Air Conditioning Service? Simply review these AC Trouble symptoms indicative of an auto AC system failure or efficiency loss. If your vehicle has one or more of these symptoms - Contact Us!

Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Automotive air conditioning systems create cool air for distribution inside your car's interior by exchanging heat between two separate areas. Each of these areas has a heat exchanging device, similar in appearance to your car's radiator. A heat exchanger is located at the front of your vehicle, typically in front of the radiator, and is known as an air conditioning Condenser. Another heat exchanger is located on the inside of your vehicle's interior, and is known as an air conditioning Evaporator. The air conditioning compressor essentially compresses gas contained within the system (compressed gas retains heat), sending it to Condenser at the front of your vehicle where heat dissipation is assisted by the Condenser Fan.

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

Typical Automotive A/C System Components

  • 1. Cooling Fan
  • 2. Condenser
  • 3. Receiver/Dryer
  • 4. Expansion Valve
  • 5. Evaporator
  • 6. Blower Fan
  • 7. Compressor

As your vehicle moves forward, air (often assisted by a cooling fan) passes through the Condenser, where previously Compressed gases are cooled and transformed to a liquid form. The liquid gas then continues along to the Receiver/Drier where any moisture (liquid is not necessarily "moisture") is removed. Next, the cooled liquid or Refrigerant passes to the Expansion Valve where it expands and converts to a cold gas as it journeys onward to the Evaporator collecting heat from the car's interior while the Blower Fan simultaneously disperses the cool air you enjoy while driving on a hot summer day! Finally, the vapor/gas travels back to the compressor where it while begin another cycle.

Automotive AC service at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA.

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