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Residents of Sebastopol, Santa Rosa & the greater Sonoma County area, in need of automotive air conditioning service, can rest assured that Tristar Automotive is as environmentally conscientious as you are. We strive to utilize green products whenever possible when servicing or repairing your car's air conditioning system.

Until recent years, most car air conditioning systems contained R-12 (Dichlorodifluoromethane) commonly known as Freon, which was determined to be harmful to the environment was banned in the United States in 1994. R-12 must be captured and disposed of by trained professionals. The refrigerant which has become the replacement standard for R-12 is R-134a (Tetrafluoroethane) - which has a lower ozone depletion potential. We only use R-12 when minor repairs are required to a customer's car which still runs the R-12 or Freon air conditioning system.

Car Air Conditioning Services include:

  • Test for presence of contaminants & sealants.
  • Recover existing refrigerant, evacuate & evaluate the A/C system.
  • Add A/C oil if needed and dye if evaluation deems necessary.
  • Recharge air conditioning system to factory specifications.
  • Complete system leak-check.
  • Check belt tension and AC operation.
Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

Consider an Air Conditioning Retrofit

If you still have a vehicle equipped with the old R-12 (Freon) system and it has finally capitulated, then your best course of action may be to consider an air conditioning or A/C Retrofit. The retrofit kit manufacturers would like you to believe the process is simple - it is not. Not only does an air conditioning system retrofit require the replacement of several automotive A/C components, the process can be potentially dangerous if specific precautions are not undertaken when dealing with high pressure and toxic chemicals.

Leave it to the ASE Certified Technicians

Improper installation of an A/C Retrofit kit can also destroy existing components. How? Freon systems utilize mineral oil and R-134a systems utilize PAG oil. The two oils are not compatible and the PAG oil, combined with the higher operating pressure required for R-134a may eventually cause the O-rings located throughout the system (eg. compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, etc.)to fail. The industry has moved to using Ester oil (POE) which provides better compatibility for retrofitting applications, but the A/C system will still need to be flushed to extract as much of the existing mineral oil as possible.

The A/C drier or accumulator should also be changed during the course of a retrofit. Why? It's primary job is to extract damaging moisture from the system. Would you perform and Oil Change without changing the oil filter? As you have likely determined by now, an air conditioning retrofit is best left to the professionals, like the Tristar Automotive team in Santa Rosa! Of course, Tristar also offers a full-range of Automotive Services for Santa Rosa and surrounding areas.

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