Automotive Air Conditioning Trouble Symptoms

Typical signs of AC system failure

  • Air Conditioning Condenser fan no longer operates.
  • Air Conditioning Condenser fan is noisey while in operation.
  • Air Conditioning System does not operate at desired temperature or produce cool air.
  • One or more controls located on the dashboard no longer function correctly.
  • Your car's engine noise level increases if the heat or Air Conditioning unit is operated.
  • Your car begins to idle roughly when the Air Conditioning System is in operation.
  • Windows fog up inside your vehicle even with the defroster turned on.
  • You detect an unusual odor eminating from interior vents.
  • Vehicle runs hot or overheats when the Air Conditioning System is operational.
  • Water or moisture is detected on your vehicle's floor.
  • The electric engine cooling fan cycles on and off in rapid fashion.
  • Audible evidence of the Air Conditioning Compresser clutch cycling in rapid fashion.
  • The system has not been serviced in a long time.

If your car is experiencing one or more of the air conditioning trouble symptoms outlined above, then let Tristar Automotive's AC service restore your vechile's air conditioning system to proper working order!

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

Automobile Air Conditioning Systems are comprised of many components, such as hoses, which transport the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system, and seals which maintain the closed system. Unless periodiclly inspected and maintained on a routine basis, A/C system hoses and seals can become brittle, developing cracks and allowing the refrigerant/lubricant to escape - leading to efficiency loss (eg. air is not as cold as it used to be, component failure, increased noise, odors, etc.).

Advantages of a functioning AC system

  • Improved Air Quality Warm air passing over the evaporator coils produces condensation or moisture, which tends to collect dust & other particulates - removing them from the air you breathe.
  • Safer driving During hot weather, as properly functioning A/C System will do its job by cooling the air inside your vehicle's interior. Studies indicate a comfortable driver is less likely to be involved in an accident. During cooler weather, the A/C system can come into play again, by assisting in the defrost process of your vehicle's windows. Cool air contains less moisture; therefore, windows can be defrosted quicker by using the air conditioning system.
  • Fuel Economy A car will tend to obtain better fuel economy ratings as its shape becomes more aerodynamic. Vehicles having more aerodynamic shapes tend to travel along with less resistance and thereby consume less power or fuel necessary as they are being "pushed" through the atmosphere around us. One way you can ensure your vehicle is at its optimum aerodynamic state, is simply by keeping the windows rolled-up. A properly functioning Air Conditioning System allows us to do this during hot weather by maintaining a cool and comfortable environment inside your vehicle.
  • Increased resale value "Does the A/C work?" Is a question you will likely hear when selling your automobile to a private party.

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