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If you are near the Santa Rosa, CA area and have an automobile in need of Air Conditioning Service - you have arrived at the right place! Tristar Automotive, located in Santa Rosa, has ASE Certified Master Mechanics on staff, who will provide you with an honest and professional assessment of your car's A/C system and provide service or repair as needed.

One of the many components which make-up an automotive A/C system and require routine inspection for leaks include the receiver drier. Tristar can perform a leak test on the air conditioning system to determine if the system is leaking refrigerant and thereby hampering the performance of your car's A/C system.

If you suspect your car's AC System is not performing as well as it should or if it has not been serviced recently - it is time seek Air Conditioning Service from the qualified and experienced ASE Certified mechanics at Tristar Automotive and Contact Us today!

Automotive air conditioning driers or accumulators can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
AC Receiver Drier

How the reciever drier works

Air conditioning systems utilize a Receiver-Drier to extract moisture from the system. The Receiver-Drier is used on A/C systems which make use of an Expansion Valve to control refrigerant flow and is located on the high-pressure side of the system, between the A/C Compressor and the Condenser. The Receiver-Drier stores a portion of the system's refrigerant and contains a desiccant bag (moisture absorbing substance) to remove any moisture the system may become contaminated with. Sometimes the Receiver-Drier also has a pressure relief or pressure switch. An improperly performed service can allow moisture (or other contaminants) to enter what should normally be a closed moisture-free environment - reducing efficiency and causing accelerated wear-and-tear on A/C system components.

As is the case with all other AC Components, the Receiver Drier must be in operable condition for the AC System to function properly.

Regardless of where you reside in the North Bay area, ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system operates properly when you need it most by having air conditioning service performed by friendly ASE Certified technicians at Tristar Automotive.

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

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