Air Conditioning Expansion Valve Service & Repair

As is the case with all other AC Components, the expansion valve must be in operable condition for the AC System to function properly.

How the Expansion Valve works

The AC Expansion Valve is yet another integral part of the automotive AC System. What this devices does, is regulate the amount of liquid refrigerant flowing from the AC Condensor to the AC Evaporator, based upon the evaporator pressure. A Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) will include a temperature sensor and meters the amount of refrigerant flowing into the AC Evaporator based upon the temperature of the refrigerant as it exits the evaporator coils. If the Thermal Expansion Valve malfunctions and becomes stuck open, it will result in too much refrigerant entering the evaporator and may result in slightly higher suction line pressure and little or no Superheat. "What is Superheat?" You might ask. The helpful pros at Tristar Automotive will be happy to answer that question for you!

Automotive air conditioning expansion valves can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
AC Expansion Valve

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