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Has your AC Evaporator been contaminated or damaged? Tristar Automotive can help! An AC Evaporator can begin to lose its ability to play its part in removing heat from your car's interior if it becomes clogged. And, other AC Components may have become damaged by debri entering the system while being serviced by an incompetent technician at some point in the passed. It doesn't take much to damage these delicate, closed AC Systems. Water, moisture, dirt & other microscopic debri entering the system can clog the small orifices, resulting in efficiency loss or worse - premature wear and potential failure of the AC Compressor.

If you suspect your car's AC System is not performing as well as it should or if it has not been serviced recently - it is time seek Air Conditioning Service from the qualified and experienced ASE Certified mechanics at Tristar Automotive and Contact Us today!

Automotive air conditioning evaporators can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
AC Evaporator

How the evaporator works

The AC Evaporator serves in multiple capacities, but it's primary function is to absorb heat which may have built-up on a hot day inside your car's interior. The evaporator assists in accomplishing this heat-absorption mission by allowing cool low-pressure refrigerant to pass through the its coils. In doing so, the refrigerant (which has a very low boiling point) begins to boil and absorb heat at a rapid rate. The heat is carried away, concurrent with the AC Blower Motor pushing air across the cool evaporator coils and into your car's interior.

The AC Evaporator also serves in the capacity of a dehumidifier. As the warm air from your car's interior is drawn across the evaporators cool fins by the Blower Motor, condensation begins to form (moisture being removed from the air), also attracting dust, pollen and any other airborne particulates, which are then safely drained-away beneath your car. You have likely seen a small puddle of liquid under your car in a parking lot on a hot summer day - no worries - its' simply condensation and a result of the AC System doing its job.

Regardless of whether you reside in Santa Rosa, CA or elsewhere in the North Bay area, ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system operates properly when you need it most by having it serviced by friendly ASE Certified technicians at Tristar Automotive.

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

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