Air Conditioning Condenser Service & Repair

As is the case with all other AC Components, the Condenser Fan must be in operable condition for the AC System to function properly.

How the Condenser works

The air conditioning condenser and your car's radiator often times look quite similar in appearance. They also have two similar functions - to dissipate heat. The air conditioning compressor generates compressed gas and sends it along to the top of the condenser, where the gas begin to cool. The gas continues to cool and condense as it makes it way through the serpentine-like coil arrangement, before exiting the bottom of the condenser as a high-pressure liquid. The condenser is usually located in front of your car's radiator. Air conditioning condensers must be supplied with adequate air flow at all times in order to operate at maximum efficiency. Often times, the delicate aluminum fins will have sustained damage and become folded, preventing efficient air flow volume across the coils. If your Air Conditioning System does not produce as much cool air as it used to - this could be one of the causes. Tristar Automotive can inspect your condenser and related A/C components for damage.

Automotive air conditioning condensers can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
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Santa Rosa residents can rest assured their automotive air conditioning needs will be met with qualified and capable hands of the professionals at Tristar Automotive!

If you reside in or near the Santa Rosa, CA area and have an automobile in need of Air Conditioning Service you are in luck! Tristar Automotive, located near the auto dealerships in Santa Rosa, has ASE Certified Master Mechanics on staff, who will provide you with an honest and professional assessment of your car's A/C system and provide service or repair as needed. One of the many components which make-up an automotive A/C system and require routine inspection for leaks include the A/C condensor. Tristar can also perform an A/C Leak-Test to determine if the system is leaking refrigerant and thereby hampering the performance of your car's A/C system.

A leaky A/C system is no friend to our environment! Tristar Automotive is environmentally conscientious and embraces green repair and service best practices, such as containing gases and fluids and recycling materials whenever feasible.

Regardless of whether you reside in Santa Rosa or elsewhere in Sonoma County, ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system operates properly when you need it most by having air conditioning service performed at Tristar Automotive today!

Air Conditioning service for your car at Tristar Automotive in Santa Rosa,CA.

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