Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Service & Repair

As is the case with all other AC Components, the Condenser Fan must be in operable condition for the AC System to function properly.

How the Condenser Fan works

The air conditioning condenser fan's job is to assist in cooling the hot compressed gasses supplied by the Air Conditioning Compressor as they pass through the condenser. An ancillary function of the condenser fan, is to also supply additional cooling to the vehicle's radiator located just behind the condenser. The fan should cycle on and off as required to supply the proper amount of air flow. This function is monitored and controlled by the air conditioning system's sensing devices. In the event the condenser fan is not operating as intended by the manufacturer, or has ceased to function at all - your car's air conditioning system will not operate efficiently and increased component attrition rates are likely to occur.

Automotive air conditioning condenser fans can be serviced at Tristar Automotive, CA.
AC Condesner Fan

Green AC Service at Tristar Automotive

Santa Rosa residents can rest assured their automotive air conditioning needs will be met with qualified and capable hands of the professionals at Tristar Automotive!

Automotive Air Conditioning Systems require routine inspection and serice in order to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Neglected air conditioning systems deliver poor performance, and will often times begin to leak refrigerant into the atmosphere. A leaky A/C system is no friend to our environment! Tristar Automotive is environmentally conscientious and embraces green repair and service best practices, such as containing gases and fluids and recycling materials whenever feasible.

Regardless of whether you reside in Santa Rosa or elsewhere in Sonoma County, ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system operates properly when you need it most by having air conditioning service performed at Tristar Automotive today!

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